Building Formalities

If you’re thinking about buying, I want to talk about some of the administrative components, the A to Z process of building a home.
This video will explain the various steps and processes that need to be met when constructing a new home in Ocean City, NJ.

Fire Standards and Regulations

When an average person walks into a structure they usually have no way of telling whether the building is fire and safety compliant. But when you work with Pinnacle, we build quality construction from the core, starting and ending with safety. On the video blog today, I’ve covered some important fire and safety regulations and how we comply with them.

Hurricane Sandy Helped to Establish New Building Elevation Changes

2/13/2013 | Ocean City, NJ – When Hurricane Sandy ripped through our region, no one could have predicted the damage caused by the storm. But as we recuperated, some changes were made to help prevent the possibility of that much damage in the future. One of the changes made were to the elevation guidelines in coastal areas.

Whats Going On Behind the Walls?

12/10/2012 | Ocean City, NJ

A lot of people might be intrigued by all that is happening behind the walls in a custom built Pinnacle home. That’s why we’ve put together a video to show you some of the stuff behind the scenes so you can see it for yourself. It’s actually pretty cool and the amazing thing is how it all works in unison together.

Construction Job, Phase 1