Essential components of our business:

Communication: A backbone component of the building process and business in general is ongoing communication.  Levels of production increase tremendously with ongoing and active communication.  For example, may aspects and determinations occur during the building process which need to be discussed on a regular basis to manifest a coveted end result.  Here at Pinnacle, our clients are actively involved in every aspect of the building.  We welcome and respect the views of our customers.

Integrity: For many individuals, building a house is a huge endeavor.  In order for people to feel comfortable with the process, they must gain a sense of trust for you and your organization.  Trust is earned through a person’s actions and handlings of various situations.  Here at Pinnacle, we will act as professionals and make honorable decisions to earned your trust.

Knowledge: It is essential to be proactive with ongoing education about various building concepts, codes and aspects within the profession.  The building process is based on concise and accurate determinations throughout all phases of construction.  It is imperative to be current with ongoing techniques and approaches.